How To Select The Best Home Furniture

If you have an interest in purchasing home furniture from Malaysia then there are certain considerations that should not be overlooked. As it is known as one of the top five exporters of furniture worldwide, you can be sure that the range of options will be extensive. It is important to think carefully about the purchase so as to ensure that you buy the perfect items for your place of residence.Before spending any money you should visualize how the pieces you are considering would look in your own home. Whether or not you opt for a complete set of furniture or choose individual items would depend upon your exact needs. Often selecting separate pieces would give you greater scope for flexibility and changes at a later date.If you feel that you do not have the time or the inclination to sit down and analyse every aspect of choosing modern Malaysian furniture, the solution would be to hire a professional to conduct the task on your behalf. Most interior designers would be able to suggest specific pieces depending upon your tastes, current decor, and budget. As such individuals are trained in decoration you would be able to create a look that is unique.Today, choosing home furniture is a lot easier thanks to the internet. Now wherever you are located you can browse at leisure a wide variety of online furniture retailers. If you are planning to shop online make sure you are clear on such factors as the exact color of the items, their dimensions, and shipping costs. You should also enquire if there is a return policy in case you are not happy with the goods once they are delivered.Of course you can always spend time visiting furniture stores in person. Though you would be able to see exactly how certain furnishings appear you would not necessarily have access to the greatest range of items or the best deals. Using the internet to locate suitable pieces and then planning a viewing trip would make more sense.Before parting with your hard earned cash make sure you have considered how the home furniture will be transported to your home. Do you need to pick it up or will it be sent to your address. Also, do not make the unfortunate mistake of buying pieces that are too large to fit through your doors or windows; this is an error that occurs all to often.

Training Alchemy – 5 Disruptive Training Technologies

Today’s training can be enhanced – or disrupted, by new advances in technology such as Computer Based Training (CBT), elearning or Web Based Training (WBT), video and audio webinars, and the use of metric dashboards. In order to use technology effectively, you have to ask a few questions and understand how to use each of the technologies offered.First, you should ask if the chosen technology is appropriate to the material. Many training organizations use technology simply because it’s there and not because it works for the learning intervention at hand. You can ask yourself if participants will likely have questions about the material – and how they can be answered if there is not a live person around. For example, highly technical information with various outcomes may not be appropriate for CBT or WBT, but may be appropriate for a video webinar, where participants can see and hear an instructor. Informational pieces with electronic resources such as websites or other documents are certainly appropriate for CBT or WBT. It may seem efficient to take the human element out of training, but remember to look at the long-term effects.Second, consider the audience. What is the audience’s skill level with computers and technology? Have they had training via one of these methods before? Are they geographically diverse or are they all in one location? When you answer these questions about your audience, you’ll be able to determine which technologies will work for them. For example, if you have an “old school” audience who may not be computer savvy, you’ll want to steer away from WBT or CBT. Alternatively, you can integrate CBT with a classroom course, so that the instructor teaches and then assists participants in learning more material via a CBT program.Third, you must determine if the technology can be seamlessly integrated into the training program. If you’re teaching a live sales class and then ask the participants to go to a computer for an intervention, you’re disrupting the live flow. On the other hand, if you’re teaching a course that uses computers to simulate the work environment, a WBT or CBT program will integrate nicely into the flow. Correct integration offers learners an opportunity to change their focus and learning methods for a few moments, which probably enhances the learning experience. Webinars are useful in courses that have more than one part or are part of a greater network, such as leadership training. You may have one leadership meeting in person and then have the participants connect via video webinar to discuss their progress later on.Fourth, ask yourself if the technological intervention is reusable. If you take the time to integrate a CBT into a classroom course, participants should be able to reuse the technology as a job aid in the field. This way, they feel pressure to remember where to get information instead of feeling pressure to remember every piece of information taught in a course. What if one of your leadership participants misses the video webinar? Is this a reason to ask him or her to leave the program and start over again? Many webinar providers offer the ability to record sessions for later use – keep this in mind when you choose a provider.Now that you’ve asked these questions, think about the typical uses for the technology you have available. CBT and WBT are sometimes used for informational courses, especially those that every employee must have, such as compliance. These types of technologies are also used to teach computer skills, from Microsoft Office to company-specific computer systems. Webinars, both audio and video, can be used to teach “classroom” skills to geographically diverse audiences, as well as keep networked audiences in touch with each other either during or after class. Metric dashboards can be used in training courses that teach about the metrics – for example, your sales course may need to teach participants how to use a system to look up their own sales performance. Integrate this into the teaching of your sales process.Using technology in training does not have to be disruptive if you can answer these four questions and be aware of how your technology can be used efficiently with your audience. Take the time to determine all of this and you can turn technology into efficient and advanced training programs.

Gambling: They call it Lady Luck

Thanks to the Lotto and scratch cards and online casinos, more women than ever before are developing a gambling problem.According to government figures, 60% of adults in the UK spend up to £50 per month gambling at the betting shop or on Lotto. As the result of changes coming shortly, the amount spent in this country per year is expected to go up from the current £42 billion to £60 billion.30 million people regularly buy UK Lotto tickets in the second largest of the 192 lotteries across the world. And despite official figures telling us that a mere 1% of these have developed out of control gambling habits, Gamblers Anonymous are finding that they’ve had an increase of 17% in calls for help. GamCare has also seen an increase in requests for their counseling service.Women have always dominated the Bingo scene, where they outnumber men, 70% to 30%. The average age is under 50 and the average spend for a night (including food and drinks) is £20.Women tend not to visit casinos and betting shops, and favour on-line gambling instead where they have the perception of its being safer, less intimidating, more fun, more tempting and where they can remain anonymous.As they are seduced by the escapism of on-line shopping, developing an internet gambling addiction, as they are encouraged by the on-line sites to create alternative realities: a different identity; and play along with the fantasy that it’s not real money they’re playing with.There are something like 1700 gambling websites, including casinos, bingo halls, lotteries. Something to meet everyone’s tastes. And of course, they’re open 24 hours a day.As says Lysette Offley of Sounds Positive in Henley on Thames, where hypnotherapy for gambling addiction is used: We’re fast approaching a time when the number of people in the UK with broadband access to the internet will overtake those still on dial-up, so access and availability to on-line gambling is increasing. Not surprisingly, problems are expected to increase.”So what can a person do about it if they feel their habit’s getting out of control?”Get help now. Don’t let it go on and on,” says Lysette. “There is plenty of professional help available and many ways to stop gambling. I see people regularly who are able to turn their lives around and with just a little help learn how to stop gambling. And of course there are self-help products too which can help enormously. Why would you play the victim of your habit when you really can do something about it?”Sounds Positive specialises in fully downloadable self-help hypnotherapy products, incorporating other psychology techniques such as NLP and EFT. Stop Gambling is available from their website.

666 And His Invented Religions

Persuading people to your way of thinking is not difficult, especially if you are an emperor with all the power in the world. When Constantine worked his way to sole rule over the Roman Empire he did so through murder, violence and torture. His eldest son, Crispus, was murdered on his say the year prior to his establishment of the Roman Catholic Church in 325 Ad. That historical event proves he was anything but a saint.The stories about him have, like his religion, been grossly distorted to sanitise his actions. Revelation 13:13-18, however, pinpoints him as the one who invented Jesus Christ and forced everyone to worship the image he created. The motivation behind it was more power and control. The vast regions he oversaw were too much for one man so he invented a parliament to assist in the task.That was the Assembly of Bishops called the Vatican and the building was erected to house them. They, in turn, controlled the priests and parishes where people of different cultures, tongues and beliefs were brought under his rule. They were forced to accept and adhere and the bishops were given power over life and death to ensure it happened. He remained head of the Church until his death and the Popes, who were his eventual successors, are still kings who rule over it.Despite Hollywood’s distortion of facts for money making purposes there were no Christians prior to this time. No one of that ilk was ever deliberately murdered in Rome or elsewhere at the hands of the Romans and especially not in the Colosseum. The Catholic Church not only increased his power but it gave Constantine control over the world and the economic forces that drive it.From his work came the many Christian denominations that split from it. At the end of the 4th CAD Jerome was appointed to produce the New Testament to credit the so-called prophet. He did this in conjunction with his cohort Augustine Bea. The latter was requested by the Vatican to start another religion to further add credibility to the prophet and to the virgin birth and Mary, the chief God of the establishment.Augustine found a man named Mohammed, through a devotee, and tutored him into being a prophet for the new faith, the Muslim Branch of Islam. There has never been anything but the Islamic tradition over the religions of the world since their inceptions. Revelation 17 clearly states that Mary is Babylon the Great. It is from Babylon that Constantine’s inheritance is traceable.The same chapter states that the religion of Babylon sits on seven hills. That is the situation with Roma. That name reversed is Amor. The Amors came from Babylon, its first Capital. Mari was the name of its second Capital in Assyria and Roma is its third Capital. All religions stem from that one source.