How Natural is My Shampoo?

Apparently, there is no legal definition of ‘natural shampoo’. But on a chemical standpoint, being labeled as natural or organic shampoo is only reference to its content, particularly molecules containing carbon. This means that there are actually no legal guidelines and boundaries for manufacturers to control the ingredients of shampoo products that have ‘all natural’ claims.Hence, companies that are simply labeling shampoos as ‘all natural shampoos’ may still be using cheap, synthetic and potentially harmful chemical ingredients. Since natural and organic ingredients like fruit extracts and plant derived oils are expensive and have relatively limited production rates, manufacturing companies are still compelled to use chemically derived sudsing ingredients, syhtnetic fragrances and other artificial ingredients which are common irritants.Understandably, consumers are easily drawn and lulled into thinking that products labeled as ‘all natural’ and containing ‘herbal extracts’ are better than regular shampoo products. Most people are easily attracted by shampoo products that use earth-tonish advertising claims. The key to knowing how natural a particular natural shampoo product is checking its ingredients list.As you read the labels and ingredients list of natural shampoo products, you are likely to discover that they contain ingredients like Diethanolamine (DEA), Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). Diethanolamine is a common ingredient to most personal care products. According to Dr. Samuel Epstein, M.D., the repeated use of chemical DEA even in small doses may increase the risk of developing cancer. This ingredient tends to react with other ingredients like nitrites, and product another potent carcinogen called nitrosos/DEA. Propylene glycol usually constitutes 10 to 20 percent of a typical formulation for cosmetic products. Its side-effects include skin irritation or dermatitis, liver and kidney abnormalities. This ingredient basically repels components like moisturizing water and oils, which results to dry and itchy hair and scalp.Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are responsible for the sudsy properties of shampoos. In simple terms, these ingredients are basically cheap detergents that give shampoos a lot of foam. Deliberate use of these ingredients causes skin or scalp irritation and corroded hair follicles, which impair hair growth. Repeated use of these ingredients also impedes the body’s natural ability to regulate hair and scalp moisture.A lot of synthetic shampoo ingredients were found to be carcinogenic and common irritants. These ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin and into the bloodstream. Hence, people who are aware of this fact opt to use authentic natural shampoo formulations, even if they are a bit more expensive that regular shampoos.To ensure the quality of natural shampoo products, most people look for “100% organic” seals. However, it would be wiser to simply refer to the ingredients list. As a rule of thumb, if the name of the ingredient is difficult to pronounce, they are potentially toxic. Look for ingredients that you are more familiar of. For instance, choose products that contain ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, green tea, chamomile and shea butter. These products use plant-based components to clean hair and leave it smooth and silky. The natural blending of essential oils and herbs readily gives natural shampoo products their fresh scent and gentle hair cleaning action.

How Property Search Agents Can Help You Find the Right Home

This article explains how a Property Search Agent works, what you can expect to pay, and how you’ll benefit. Whereas estate agents exist to protect the seller’s interests, Property Search Agents (aka Property Finders or Buying Agents) act to protect the home buyer’s interests. If you’re only moving a few miles from your current home, you probably don’t need any assistance. But when your relocation involves longer distances, professional help offers major practical advantages. Many people wrongly assume property finders charge huge fees, or cater exclusively for the super-rich.How Property Search Agents WorkWhile estate agents typically market dozens of properties, buying agents rarely work with more than 1 or 2 clients at any time, because they offer a more dedicated and labour intensive service.Firstly, property finders will spend time understanding exactly what you are after. Expect them to discuss what you really value in a home, and also why your own search has been unsuccessful to date.As soon as they understand what you really want they’ll scrutinise the local market to identify all properties that match your requirements. They’ll also use their contacts to spot any suitable pre-market properties before these ever reach websites or the estate agent’s window.Next they’ll inspect any promising properties and report back. Having shortlisted suitable candidates they’ll attend all viewings with you, get your feedback and offer their own observations. Should you wish to reconsider your brief, they’ll be happy to undertake this stage of the process as many times as necessary.When you finally see somewhere you’re delighted with, they’ll seek to acquire you that property on the best possible terms. This doesn’t mean seeking unrealistic or unachievable discounts. It does mean using their knowledge of current local selling prices to agree terms as quickly as possible.Finally they’ll aim to ensure nothing goes wrong between offer acceptance and a swift exchange of contracts. They can suggest reliable, professional help with surveys, conveyancing or building work. And when you don’t fancy a 200 mile round trip to measure up curtains, most will help with that too!What Property Search Agents ChargeFees usually involve a retainer to cover an agreed period with the balance as a success fee payable on exchange (usually 1-2% of the agreed sale price). Some agents won’t work below a price threshold of £500,000 – £750,000. Others will simply expect minimum fee guarantees below a certain market value. At the very least they aim to cover their fees by reductions in the asking price, though this cannot be guaranteed.How Property Search Agents Benefit YouIndependent Impartial Advice
Your interests always come first. However helpful and professional estate agents may be, you’re not their client. An independent, unbiased view of all available properties is invaluable. You’ll value dispassionate guidance should your emotions get the better of you at any stage.Dedicated Resource
Whether you have a demanding lifestyle or whether you’re looking far from your current home, house-hunting is a full-time job. That’s fine as long as you haven’t got a full-time job (or a young family!). Someone who works all hours on your behalf can speed the process up considerably.Avoid Wasted Time, Stress, and Disappointment
Too many properties that seem appealing have drawbacks when seen close up. Even the best websites don’t tell the whole story. Why waste your precious weekends on long trips to disappointing viewings? When someone else inspects properties first, you’ll only see places that are right for you.Enjoy Preferred Buyer Status
Estate agents and vendors often favour buyers with professional representation because they appreciate that only serious buyers chose such help.Avoid Paying Too Much
Working out the “going rate” in an unfamiliar area is not straightforward, especially for country properties. Employing someone who knows what local properties really sell for ensures you pay a fair price. Even if you’ve found the right place without help from a buying agent, you can use their services on a negotiation-only basis.You won’t find Property Search Agents on the local High Street. But if you simply enter “property finder (or property search agent) + your chosen county/ region” into any search engine you’ll soon find someone who’ll find you the right place at a fair price faster than you could do alone.

After Dinner Entertainment Ideas

Do you want to have high class psychological mind reading entertainment for your guests at events such as weddings, dinner parties, awards ceremonies and small private functions? After dinner entertainment ideas are absolutely remarkable and bound to thoroughly entertain everyone involved. The night will be filled with jaw dropping surprises and mind blowing entertainment.Unique guest speakers will be able to impress guests by understanding them and by influencing their thinking. They can provide sensible methods of being able to get inside the minds of customers, friends and loved ones to help you achieve goals you want to achieve.Why not try after dinner entertainment and corporate cabaret acts. Mind reading cabaret acts will not fail to impress, they will have guests laughing all night and have them completely and utterly amazed. You choose how long you would like your guests to be entertained for, how much mind reading, predictions and psychological entertainment can they handle in one night?Other forms of entertainment include corporate awards dinner performances where the audience will be completely involved and wowed. It is an excellent way of having all your staff feeling like they are involved in the award ceremony as it leaves something for everyone to talk about.It is also possible to have entertainers come and perform at small dinner parties. These are good as the entertainer is able to involve every person in the room on a personal level. This provides a great opportunity for the guests and entertainer to get to know each other.Why not make your wedding day that extra bit special and hire a wedding entertainer. This wedding entertainer will be no ordinary performer though. Whilst youre waiting for the day time wedding meal to be transformed into the evening room your entertainer will be able to keep your guests motivated. They will be mesmerised by mind tricks and the art of persuasion.When thinking about providing amusement for your next corporate event you should really consider after dinner entertainment. Your staff will really appreciate the hard work you have gone to in order to put on a special event. Not everyone can win an award or have their name mentioned so entertainment like this is fantastic for making the night about everyone. After dinner entertainment ideas really will be the icing on the cake for your corporate events. Shop around now to find your perfect after dinner entertainment.

Where To Invest Money Online – Learn About Great Places To Invest!

Investing online can be an excellent way to earn money, and where and how you invest can make a huge difference in how much profit you earn! For years people have known that investing is one of the top ways to earn money, whether you’re starting with a little or a lot. Since the huge rise in popularity of investing online over the last couple of years, many places have gotten a lot more popular as well as profitable as ways to invest.Today, our investment and finance experts are going to talk about some great ways to invest online!IRA AccountsOne of the top ways to invest and earn steady and consistent, yet very profitable returns is an IRA account. An IRA account has long been a great way to invest and earn more money, however some IRA investment accounts charge fees to get started or they make you start with a larger sum of money to get started in the IRA account.It’s key to choose an IRA account that doesn’t have any fees and also an IRA account that lets you get started with a little or a lot, so that you can maximize your profit and earn money either way!Forex TradingForex trading has long been a great way to invest and, since FX trading became really popular on the interest, has grown very quickly in popularity. With an average daily turnover of around $1.3 trillion, there’s definitely a lot of money to be made in Forex. Forex trading can be risky, and unless you’re an expert trader it’s great to have a Forex trading system that can really help you profit in Forex!Investing In Peer To Peer Lending NetworksOne of the fastest growing ways to invest online is through peer to peer lending networks. Peer to peer lending networks let people invest in loans online and offer steady, consistent as well as very profitable returns. You can diversify your investments between different types of loans in these accounts as well!Person to person loans are quickly becoming one of the top ways to invest and have a great profit potential whether people start out investing with a little or a lot!One of the keys to earning money investing is to diversify your investments, this can provide you with more stability, consistency as well as profit and allow you to earn more consistently in the marketplace!